Address Whitelisting

The Address Whitelist App whitelists a specified e-mail address or domain for which mail should never be suppressed. For example, you own the domain, and one or more of your recipients use addresses, by placing in the Address Whitelist App, all bounces, blocks and unsubscribes logged for that domain will be ignored and sent to as if under normal sending conditions.


Name Required Description
Email Yes Adds the entered domain or address to the list of those that should never be suppressed.

There is no practical limit to the number of domains you add in this way.

Settings may be changed through:

  • Web API (on an account wide basis)
  • Web Interface (on an account wide basis)


Automatically sends a blind carbon copy to an address for every e-mail sent without adding that address to the header. Please note that only one email address may be entered in this field, if you wish to distribute BCCs to multiple addresses you will need to create a distribution group or use forwarding rules.


Name Required Description
Email Yes Sets the entered address to be the BCC recipient.

Please note, enabling this App will also increase the amount of credits you use, as each email you send will also trigger an accompanying BCC email.

Settings may be changed through:

  • SMTP API (on a per message basis)
  • Web API (on an account wide basis)
  • Web Interface (on an account wide basis)

Bypass List Management

Some e-mails are too important to do normal list management checks, such as password resets or critical alerts. Enabling this filter will bypass the normal unsubscribe / bounce / spam report checks and queue the e-mail for delivery.

API Settings

App Name Setting Field Description
bypass_list_management enable 0 to disable
1 to enable

Settings may be changed through:

  • SMTP API (on a per message basis)

Click Tracking

Enabling the Click Tracking App causes all the links in your emails to be overwritten and pointed to our servers so we can track clicks. If you would like a custom name to appear in the links you can create a CNAME that points to your network and fill out the Whitelabel settings (only available in Silver or higher accounts) in your account with your new name.


Name Required Description
Enable Yes All the links in your emails will be overwritten and pointed to our servers.


Many ISPs authenticate e-mail using DKIM certification. DKIM works by having a company sign an e-mail with their private key, and then publish a public key in their DNS, which is then used to verify the e-mail signature. The domain that is checked for the public key is based on a field in the DKIM signature header in your email. This field is the “d=” parameter of the signature.

By default, we signs all e-mail with DKIM to improve its deliverability. For shared accounts such as Free or Bronze plans, this signature uses the my domain. For higher tier packages with whitelabeling setup a custom domain is used. In order for this custom domain to be correctly certified the appropriate public key MUST be present in the domain’s DNS records. For more info on how this record is added go here.

Domain Keys

Some ISPs (most notably Yahoo!) authenticate e-mail using Domain Keys. Domain Keys work by having a company sign an e-mail with their private key, and then publish a public key in their DNS, which is then used to verify the e-mail signature.

The domain that is checked for the public key is based on one of two e-mail headers; Sender and From. If a Sender header is specified, its domain will be the first one checked, otherwise the domain of the From header will be used. Most e-mail clients do not insert a Sender header, so typically the From address would be used.

DomainKeys is disabled by default, because we signs all e-mail with DKIM. However, it’s still available to be enabled if you need it for a legacy mail receiver.

Some ISPs or e-mail clients (such as Hotmail or Outlook) will display a message with the Sender header reading “on behalf of” followed by the address that is in the Sender header. To remove this, do one of the following:

1.Disable the Domain Keys filter in the filters section of your account

2.Upgrade to a package (Silver or higher) that provides Whitelabel support and set up the Domain Keys record in your DNS

Legacy Email Templates

This app wraps an HTML template around your email content. This can be useful for sending out marketing email and/or other HTML formatted messages.


Use the embedded, full-featured HTML editor to create a template that your emails will be wrapped in. Be sure to include a tag to place the content of your email.

Event Notification

The Event Notification App controls webhook notifications for events, such as bounces, clicks, opens, and more. This App allows these events to be POSTed to a URL of your choosing.


Name Required Description
Emails are “x” As needed Enables the selected notifications.
Post Event URL Yes Sets the entered URL as the target of notification posts.


The Footer App will insert a custom footer at the bottom of the text and HTML bodies.


Use the embedded HTML editor and/or Plain Text entry fields to create the content of the footers to be inserted into your emails.

Forward Spam

Activating this App allows you to specify an email address to which spam reports are forwarded.


Insert the email address to which you would like to receive spam reports.

Google Analytics

This app appends links to integrate with Google Analytics.

For more information about using this app, please refer to Google’s URL Builder and their presentation on Campaign Tracking.

We default the settings to Google’s recommendations. Anything you enter into those fields in the App Settings or via API will take precedence.


Name Required Description Default Value
Campaign Source No Name of the referrer source. (e.g. Google,, Marketing EmailA)
Campaign Medium No Name of the marketing medium. (e.g. Email) email
Campaign Term No Identify paid keywords..
Campaign Content No Use to differentiate ads.
Campaign Name No Name of the campaign. website



This app inserts an tag at the bottom of the HTML section of an e-mail to display the Gravatar associated with the e-mail sender. Gravatar (an abbreviation for globally recognized avatar) is a service for providing globally-unique avatars preselected by the user in question which are available to any application set to look for such avatars across the web.

Open Tracking

The Open Tracking app adds an invisible image at the end of the email which can track e-mail opens. If the email recipient has images enabled on the email client, a request to server for the invisible image is executed and an open event is logged. These Events are logged in your Statistics portal, the Email Activity interface, and are reported by the Event Webhook.

When using this service customers often ask the difference between a unique open versus an open. A unique open is logged only the first time a given recipient opens the email whereas normal opens are logged for all opens of the email in question.

Spam Checker

The Spam Checker app,is useful when your web application allows your end users to create content that is then emailed through your account. Since emailing user generated content is hard to monitor and can often be abused by spammers, the Spam Checker filter can provide notification when emails are detected that exceed a predefined spam threshold.

We use SpamAssassin to process the spam checks for this filter. The default threshold is 5.0, but you can set this to any value between 1 and 10. If you provide a URL, we will post the message to that URL, but this field is optional. If a message is flagged as spam using this filter, it will automatically be dropped by our system and will not be delivered to the recipient.

Subscription Tracking

Add automatic subscription management links to the bottom of emails. We will keep track of these unsubscribes and ensure these users don’t get future emails from the sender.

You can customize the text attached to emails and customize the landing page. The links will look something like the following, though can be configured in whatever fashion suits your needs.