Email remains the most powerful form of communication with customer, with the increase the Dotcom business Transactional Email plays a very important in send messages. Transactional email delivery that is scalable, reliable and easy to implement.

Building and maintaining your own SMTP which incurred a large infrastructure setup and acquiring these are a costly affair. We at BriteMoon help to eliminate the cost and take care of SMTP and other complexity tasks with no additional charges! Our team regularly maintains your own infrastructure so you can focus on your core marketing activities.

Our Full Transactional Email Service includes:

  • Banking Transactional Mails: Credit Card Statement, Transactional Alerts, Monthly Bank account statements, Quick alerts such as generate password/code  etc.
  • Shopping Transactional Mails: Multiple users transactional alert after purchase of Goods/Service, Abandon user alert, Confirmation Alert.

Reliable Delivery

You can completely reliable and scalable with us on BriteMoon, all our systems are place well so that it will take care of all your needs. BriteMoon server infrastructure ensures timely message delivery regardless of volume or time of day. The BriteMoon platform includes all of the following and more to help ensure your email gets delivered.

  • Shared or dedicated IP addresses
  • Email authentication (SPF, DKIM and DMARC)
  • ISP feedback loops
  • Outbound spam monitoring
  • IP reputation scoring


BriteMoon automation tools are designed to help you streamline your campaigns and save time with scheduled sends! With the customized integration and personalization you can create an entirely automatic sales force without losing that personal touch. Our automation allows you to focus on your core marketing rather than the process, which will drive the best return.

  • Instantly send welcome emails to new customers
  • Personalize emails based on customer interests
  • Send emails based on customers’ website activity and behavioral targeting
  • Provide product recommendations based on previous purchases

Real-time Reporting

BriteMoon brings you the powerful insight into the performance of your email, you can customize your dashboard according to your requirements and configure API to your sales and monitor the growth with single window.

  • Social Sharing, Social Sharing, Bounces, Google Analytics and lot more
  • Create customized reports based on timeframe, email category, ISP, geography, and device-type
  • Download data for greater flexibility and customization

Complete Transactional: END-2-END Email Marketing

Email is the one of the best channel to communicate with the customer. We have built one of the best delivery of transactional, marketing, and mobile email from a single platform. Join us for all your email delivery to save money and eliminate the need to manage multiple vendors.

  • Trigger based email notifications and alerts
  • Purchase confirmations
  • Password reminders
  • Marketing email newsletters

Live Customer Support

We help you all around the clock; our customer support team will reach to you and your sales team whenever you have  issues. BriteMoon email plans include access to the industry’s top customer support team. We are also available live to answer your calls and solve issues that may arise.

  • Phone, chat and email support
  • Online support portal and knowledge base
  • 24×7 critical incident support